A Mighty Rushing Wind

Written by Martha Jordan

From the Award Winning Author of Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands and The Setting Son comes the third book.

A Mighty Rushing Wind

About the Author

Martha Jordan, an award winning novelist and screenplay writer, relies on her Cherokee heritage, faith, and God-given talent for elevating her storytelling to its highest and most entertaining level. Born and raised in Miami, Oklahoma, Martha continues to keep her readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of her next spellbinding page-turner. As you will discover, nestled between the covers of this book…she doesn’t disappoint. 
Martha has two children, five grandchildren and divides her time between Oklahoma and Colorado. Her current projects are the screenplay Torch, the limited series for television based on Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands, and her soon-to-be released series sequel A Rushing Mighty Wind. 

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